Ultra Rib, Ribbed Style Panel Products

The Ultra Rib style panels are used for both industrial and residential applications and there are many variations of this particular panel made by many different manufacturers. We do offer the Ultra-Rib in a light thickness of the 26 & 24 gauge. The standard profile would have a 36” coverage and would come in almost any lengths from 6’ Long up to 40’ Long.

This panel comes in a galvanized or painted version, but can be made in almost any material. The depth for the Ultra-Rib would be @ 1-1/2”deep, with 12”centers but different mfg.’s will have slight differences in the depth and rib distance. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we’ll determine which panel you need us replicate or quote on the standard panel widths.

ultra ribbed panel demensions
ultra ribbed panel example

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