4 Inch Rib, Ribbed Style Panel Products

four inch ribbed style panels

The 4” Rib style panel is standard ‘ribbed’ panel that we offer typically in a plain galvanized and a stainless steel, but we also do this panel in the aluminum smooth mill finish or stucco embossed finish painted materials. The 4”-Rib would typically have a 36”coverage and be made in standard 8’,10’, or 12’lengths but other lengths and custom cut to size as well.

The gauges will vary as well but we make these in the 24 gauge (as well as the 22, 20, and 18 gauge) for the galvanized, stainless or painted material and in the .032, .040, or .050 thickness for the aluminum. The 4”-rib style is defined as a 4” distance from the center of one rib to the center to the next with a 1”height. We also offer this in the perforated version with great success.

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four-inch ribbed steel demensions
4 inch red ribbed panels

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