Perforated and Corrugated/Decking Panels, Sheets

One of the hottest products in the market today would be the perforated and corrugated panels we offer. Many years ago we began forming standard flat perforated sheets into the different corrugated and decking styles that we always offered in the solid form. We now can fabricate almost any style of perforated sheets in the round, square, oblong, or hex types of perforated into almost any of corrugated profiles or decking panels or a custom formed ribbed panel.

The perforated/corrugated panels are used in many architectural applications to give a unique one of a kind look. You can have the perforated and corrugated panels made in a plain steel (mill finish or pre-painted) stainless steel, or aluminum which can then be powder coated to almost any color imaginable. We also typically make this in the 22-or-24 gauge thicknesses for the steel and stainless and .032 or .040 thickness in the aluminum. We can also fabricate in the heavier gauges as well.

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