Miscellaneous Steel Products

We offer a full line of standard industry products of round-bar and flat-bar stock as well as the Pipe, Tube, Flanges, & Fittings.

We can supply all these items in the stainless steels: (303,304,309,310,316,321,330,347,410,416,420,422, 440-C, 15-5 & 17-4).

The aluminum materials we typically offer in the (3003, 2024, 6061, & 6063).

We also offer the carbon and alloy materials of (1018, 1020, 1026, 4130, 4140, & 4150).

Also Nickel Alloys (Alloy-600-601-625-800-825-400-405-K-500, C-22, C-276, X) as well as offering the exotic materials like, Titanium, Zirconium, Tantalum, Beryllium Copper.

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