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Metal roofing, decks & metal siding systems are the choice of building owners and architects, as well as engineers and contractors. Mechanical metals offers a wide array of design options. We can provide metal roofing and wall systems or Steel Sheet Products that are easy to work with and economical for any construction project. We now offer stainless steel metal roofing material as well as plain steel or galvanized sheets. Please contact our Corrugated Metal sales team about your specific needs.

All Are Now Available In Stainless Steel!
Other products available. Standard and custom specification roofing fasteners available.

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Type "B" Wide Rib
The Type B Wide Rib is the industry standard for industrial metal roofing. It can be produced in Galvanized Steel, Painted Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. All lengths are produced to custom requirements. Standard width is 36" coverage. This product has excellent load carrying capability. The wide rib allows for a narrow top opening, which is desirable when rigid insulation is to be used on top of the deck. When computing coverage requirements, allow for laps at supports.Type B Wide Rib Metal Roofing
Type "F" Intermediate Rib
The F Intermediate Rib is an older deck profile still widely used, particularly where roofs must nest with an existing Type F Roof. All attributes that apply to B Deck also apply to Type F.Type F Intermediate Rib Metal Roofing
2 1/2" Rib
The 2 1/2" Rib Panel can be used to replace conventional 2 1/2" CORRUGATED metal while allowing for vastly improved carrying capabilities it gives more of a building panel appearance. This shape can roughly approximate in 28GA the load carrying capability of 2 1/2" CORRUGATED metal in 24GA.2.5 inch rib panels
1 1/2" Composite
1 1/2″ Composite Floor Deck is available in Galvanized steel, Painted Steel, and Stainless Steel. Again, the web is indented to allow bonding between the concrete and the composite deck. Lengths are rolled formed to customer specifications. Standard cover is 36″. Stainless Steel 1 1/2″ Composite Floor Deck is available where extreme corrosion resistance is required. As with all decks, T304 and T316 Stainless Steel is available.1.5 inches Composite floor deck
2" Composite
2″ Composite is available in Galvanized Steel, Painted Steel, and Stainless Steel. Composite Deck is meant to be used as a floor deck where concrete is to be poured on top of the deck. The web in the deck contains indentation, which allows for better bonding between concrete and deck, and therefore forms the Composite Deck. Temporary shoring may be required during construction. Consult the catalog for spans where shoring is required. 2″ Composite comes roll formed to any custom length required and comes in 24″ width and interlocking side lap. Stainless Steel Decks provide the ability to prevent deterioration associated with conventional galvanized Deck thereby eliminating debris falling from the ceiling. Both Type T304 and T316 are available.2 inch composite metal floor deck
N Deck
The 3″ depth of N Deck allows for longer spans not possible with lesser depth profiles. The increased span capability allows the use of a lighter gauge which can prove to be cost effective. Also because of it’s long span capability, the use of N Deck will minimize support requirements. The narrow spacing between the ribs of the N Deck allows for rigid insulation or pouring concrete. The load carrying apabilities of the N Deck generally surpass that of other long span metal decks. N Deck is available in Stainless Steel, both T304 and T316, and is suited for caustic environments. It is also available in Galvanized, Galvalume, and Painted steel.N Deck metal panel
7.2 Thermalwall Roofing Panels
The 7.2 Panel offers outstanding load capability. It is an excellent roof application where rigid insulation is not used. It can be produced in Stainless, Aluminum, and Coated Steels. The wide flute design offers outstanding visual appeal as a siding product. Panels are also available in fiberglass.7.2 Thermalwall Roofing Panels
4.2 Panels
In our increasing efforts to supply compatible products in corrosion resistant materials to the pulp and paper industry, Mechanical Metals is happy to announce that we can supply 4.2" corrugated metal panels in Stainless Steel. Panels available in both T304 and T316 Stainless.4.2 inch corrugated metal panels
4" Rib
The 4′ Rib is an industry standard siding product. The linear rib spacing is aesthetically pleasing. It can be produced in Painted Aluminum, Painted Steel, Bare Aluminum, and Stainless Steel in 24GA and lighter.4 inch rib panel
7/8" Corrugated Metal Panel
The 7/8″ Corrugated metal panel is a siding product that also has limited applications as a roofing product. This panel is an industry standard and is available in Painted Aluminum and Painted Steel. The 7/8″ is also available in Bare Aluminum and Stainless Steel.7/8 corrugated metal panel
1/2" Corrugated Metal Panel
The 1/2" Corrugated Metal Panel is a utilitarian siding product available in all coats (painted, bare, and stainless) as well as fiberglass.1/2 inch corrugated metal panel
R Panel
The R Panel is a deep, wide panel that is very high in strength. The R Panel can easily be cut to your specifications and is ideal for both metal roofing applications and siding.R panel corrugated metal


Self Tapping Screws
Self Tapping Screws
Available in Stainless Steel
and Carbon Steel.

Type "A" Point – For metal panel to metal panel lap stitch screws, or when structural fastening into wood.

Type "B" Point – For fast effective fastening of panels to steel purlins and girts. Hex head ith preassembled neoprene backed washers. Available in #14 diameter by various engths. #1 drill bit required for #14 screws.
Self Drilling Tapping Screws
Self Drilling-Tapping Screws
Available in Carbon and Type 410 Stainless Steel.
#3 Point – Maximum drilling thickness 1/4 inch.
#4 Point – Maximum drilling thickness 3/8 inch.
#5 Point – Maximum drilling thickness 1/2 inch.
Lap Self Drill – Metal panel to metal panel lap fastener.
Side Lap Fasteners
Side Lap Grommet Seals
Stainless steel
For use when overlapping fiberglass panels. Strictly as a side lap fastener. 3/8" diameter, 1" long.
Closure Strips
Closure Strips

To give a better appearance and weathertightness, corrugated closure (or filler) strips are recommended for sealing the opening created where the corrugated sheet meets flat surfaces at flashings, curbs, girts, etc.
They are available in both horizontal and vertical types for all MM profiles. These strips are a composition of EPDM and are Gray in color.
Metal Closures are available upon request or MM ribbed panels (primarily for aesthetic purposes).
Butyl Tape
Butyl Tape

For use at side laps and end laps of metal panels to insure water tightness for roofs. MM recommends two rows for roof pitches lass than 3:12, otherwise, one row should be sufficient.
Standard rolls are 3/32" x 1/2" x 40′ long.

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