B-Deck Metal Panel Decking

b-deck panel demensions

The B-Deck is probably the most common and standard decking panel on the market. The B-Deck is used for many applications of flooring, roofing and pouring concrete. Along with many decking panels the B-Deck is supplied usually in the galvanized and prime painted but we routinely fabricate these in all the materials like plain steel (carbon), stainless steel & aluminum.

As a standard size the B-Deck will be a 36”Wide and we would stock lengths of either 8’, 10’, or 12’Long (as well as 20’ & 24’L or custom length sizes). The B-Deck would be available in many gauge thicknesses like the 22-20-18 or 16 gauge in almost all the materials. Due to its great load carrying abilities the B-deck is the go to decking for many uses.

Section Properties (Per Ft. of Width):

Uniform Total (Dead & Live) Load – Lbs. Per Sq. Ft.:

b-deck uniform load per sq foot
b-deck panel example

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