Metal Roof & Floor Deck Panels

The typical metal decking panels are used for all applications of flooring, roofing, or pouring concrete. Typically, a ‘decking’ panel is defined by the flat top ribs as opposed to a corrugated which would have a wavy or rounded look across the widths of the sheets. The flat rib sections tend to give the overall strength of the panels the ability to carry more weight width and length wise.

All the standard style of decking panels we have listed below are something we would carry in the galvanized finish but a prime painted finish is available with most variations as well (and other materials can be fabricated upon request).

The material gauge thicknesses vary also but primarily most decking panels will be the standard 22-20-18 gauges, but we can also offer heavier gauges as well. We are also experts in fabricating a perforated version of all our decking and corrugated profiles as well, just inquire with your specs. And we’ll be happy quote your needs.

A-Deck Panel B-Deck Panel F-Deck Panel N-Deck Panel

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