Metal Fabrication, Cutting, Bending & Welding

As with many steel service centers in the steel industry we offer a wide variety of metal fabrication. We know that it is imperative in today’s steel industry that our customer’s needs require some added services that maybe they cannot or are not equipped to handle on their own so we offer a full line of added services to complete any job.

custom fabrication

We are often asked if we can cut something to specific sizes or bend material to certain specifications that require precision cut to length sizes or produce metal shapes that are available in standard material offerings so we now offer any number of services for your specific requests & exact specifications of your needs.

Depending upon the specific jobs we can offer:

  • Saw cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Also Shearing & Slitting of all our sheets

We also can offer heat-treating, polishing and grinding or specific welded items.

We do not shy away any unique requirement that you may need to get a certain finished product furnished under one roof. We’ve found that if our customers can get their material needs met with the added value of having the fabrication done with us it makes the entire process a simple one stop experience.

We can work from your specific plans or you can come in to explain what your job needs require and since we have probably done something similar before we can make your life easier to have it all done in one place. Feel feel to call us to explore the possible ways we can finish your job for you. We have been involved with the steel industry for many years so if there’s something we haven’t done previously we most certainly can get the job done.

Feel free to call, email or request a quote with anything you may need!

custom fabrication
custom fabrication

Specific Questions? No Problem!

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