Corrugated Metal Floor Decking

The concrete floor decking panels are formed galvanized (or prime painted) panel that is formed to a rib profile designed to interlock with concrete to form a solid slab for a flooring/roofing solid deck.

When poured with concrete and used in conjunction with a wire-mesh or rebar the decking will form a composite concrete floor slab that works together as one solid structure. The different gauge thicknesses and decking depths are determined by the various loads and spans they need to carry for whatever application is desired.

The ‘composite’ floor decking style panels would come in a standard 1-1/2”, 2” and 3” depths and the gauge thicknesses typically come in either 16,18,20, or 22 gauges. Standard and typical stocking lengths would be @ 8’, 10’, 12’, 20’ Long.

Please check out the load tables for each decking design to determine your factors of slab depth, concrete weights and structural spacing per each depth and gauge to make sure you’re choosing the correct decking for your job.

We also can supply any accessories for the installation such as the pour stops, foam closures or fasteners.

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